Panorama I


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Client: Province of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy
In collaboration with: Claudia Polizzi, Jan Kliewer
Award: Women in Design Award 2012 – aiap (associazione italiana design della communicazione visiva), first prize
Exhibited at: GMK Turkish Graphic Designers Association (Grafikerler Meslek Kuruluşu), Istanbul; Plaster 4, International Festival of Poster and Typography Design, Torún, Polen

The fourth edition of Panorama, the exhibition dedicated to new art in and from South Tyrol, presented 33 exponents of contemporary art. The exhibition took place at the Fort of Fortezza-Franzensfeste, South Tyrol, a suggestiv and complex location. For some years now it is used as space for exhibitions and cultural events. Its mazy and ample structure required an accurate design strategy towards particular key elements that help to understand the exhibition. Beginning with the meaning of pan orama – from greek overlooking everything – we transferred an abstract idea to a concrete concept creating a typographic installation that works on the one hand as a guidance system for the artists works and on the other hand as a meeting point at the beginning of the exhibition tour. Each of the 33 panels that form the lettering “Panoram4” reconstructs symbolically the exhibition composed of 33 south tyrolean artists. The problems of the Fort (we were not allowed to fix anything on the walls) and the necessity of a distinguishing recognition value (that had to unify the variety of different art works) forced us to find a strong solution responding first of all to those requirements. The colours and the dimensions of the panels distinguish between eachother and relate to the corresponding artworks in order not to overtop them. The fragmentation of the characters derivating from the installation was then used to create the entire visual communication of the event.

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