Der Einstieg

The permanent exhibition Der Einstieg. Bergbau und Siedlungen am
Ortler / Miniere e sediamenti all’Ortles in Stilfs / Stelvio in South Tyrol offers a first introduction to the history of mining in the Ortler area. The exhibition space has been inserted into the old building as an independent shell – a “room in a room” – which penetrates the facade of the old fire station at three points and becomes visible and accessible from the outside. Inside, the black bowl opens to a natural shaft. Small showcases have worked in the walls. Like small treasure boxes, they illuminate the exhibits and the dark room. The exhibited objects, pictures, videos and infographics tell and illustrate how the extraction and processing of copper dates back to prehistoric times and over the centuries has led to the development of
settlements in the region.

“Der Einstieg” in German can be read in several ways. The most
common meaning is “starting point” (often used to indicate also the
beginning of a mountain path). In this case, the term was chosen as
the title of the permanent exhibition that marks the beginning of the
archaeological and historical investigation of Stelvio and its surroundings.

The identity of the space is composed of a set of elements that make it
outstanding: the typeface designed for the exhibition space, the treatment of photographic images for the communication material, the chromatic range deriving from the oxidation of copper and the black color of the background that coins the visual identity and connects with the exhibition space.

Kurator: Thomas Koch Waldner
Architektur: Eva Mair
Art Direction Ausstellungsgestaltung: Nike Auer, Eva Mair, Claudia Polizzi
Art Direction Visuelle Kommunikation und Grafik: Nike Auer, Claudia Polizzi
Type Design: Alessio D’Ellena
In Zusammenarbeit mit: Amt für Bodendenkmäler Bozen, Universität Innsbruck

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