Attimo Sospeso

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Typographic Installation at Salone del Mobile, Milan

Attimo Sospeso is a typographic installation in the cloister of San Simpliciano, Milan. The work intends to provide a calming moment for the Milano Design Week visitors. By walking around the cloister the following phrases appear above the visitors heads:

il suono dei miei passi nel frastuono della città
mi fermo e sento la pesantezza dei miei piedi
tante belle sedie, ma niente per sedersi
finalmente mi fermo

the sounds of my footsteps absorbed by the roar of the city
I stop and feel the weight of my feet
so many beautiful chairs, but nowhere to sit
finally a quiet place, I might even stop

Project: Free University of Bolzano
Group: Nike Auer, Dorit Birkner, Christian Crusius, Mariagiovanna Di Iorio, Jörg Gleiter, Andreas Goebel, Carmen Küster, Wilco Lensink, Viktor Matic, Kuno Prey, Joseph Schmidt-Klingenberg, Bettina Schwalm, Dominik Schwarz, Lisa Seitz, Daniel Tauber, Simon Tumler, Sarah Tolpeit, Paul Voggenreiter, Maximilian Winkel

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